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Right or wrong, So, we broke our
it's very pleasant tired old website
to break to make
something from something more
time to time.* awesome.
* Fyodor Dostoyevsky
E-commerce Design
Coffee Island

As part of their wider re-brand, Coffee Island approached us to design their website and a number of other digital activations. The main goal was to design a modern but user-friendly website that will work also as an e-commerce/ e-shop platform, that customers can order between a huge variety of products from freshly roasted coffee to food and other beverages. We developed also a flexible but cohesive design system for Coffee Island to showcase their unique process and vision or to create stand-alone features.

Website Design & Development

It’s a company with a big history and with a great future. They commissioned us with the design & development of their website, as well as the art direction of the photography sessions. Yes, retail market can be well designed!

The result is a modern - fashionable website, easy to use and navigated. A modern design with a fashion photography direction in combination with unique transitions we developed, will be very difficult to erase it from your memory!

Brand Identity & E-commerce Design

MomCycle is the first e-commerce platform for parents in Greece. Buy - Sell - Explore unique products for you and your children. We commissioned to design a unique brand image and their web-platform.​​​​​​​ And we did it!

Brand Identity & Website

Anaktae’s design philosophy draws a line between the classical and contemporary. Modern, elegant & minimal are the keywords that describes their entire visual identity we designed, in order to create their world. A world of modern archaic elegance…

Website Design & Development

Colivar is a think tank and operational body aimed to bring consolidated services and innovation to Asset Managers, Family Offices and Entrepreneurs. We designed a serious corporate website that informs Colivar’s potential clients of the company’s services & communicates the international aspect of the company, with an impressive and elegant way.

Website Design & Development
Ode Goods

Ode Goods is the initiative of two long-time friends and partners, Eva & Dimitra, with a passion for finely crafted goods. They commissioned us with the design & development of their e-commerce website, as well as the art direction of the photography sessions.

We created a website that reveals the beauty and the details of their unique jewels. It's easy to use and navigate, and in combination with a modern design and smooth transitions it aims to make your journey through their goods a memorable experience.

Website Design & Development
Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis is one of the most famous and upcoming Greek jewel designers. We worked on a simple and elegant design that really lets the jewels and the lifestyle photos shine through. The logo inspired us to play around with thin lines and we decided to create details and interactions all across the website, based on it.

Brand Identity

We designed the product identity including all the print communication material and their website. We aimed to communicate the main values of their product through clean, modern & simple design.

Τhe use of vivid & happy colors as secondary colors on the identity and the website along with the use of funny photos & copy for the print and digital applications communicate a more honest and sarcastic tone for the company and their product.

E-shop Design

We redesigned the website of Apivita, one of the biggest natural cosmetics companies in Greece. The goal was to maintain the hard selling orientation of the website while at the same time provide a natural and fresh look.

Website Design & Development

Ktima Kir-Yianni has a wine-making tradition that expands five generations. We created a wine-centered website with the aim to be easily comprehensible by the average user, but at the same time be an information treasury for the wine enthusiasts who are eager to know more about the company's fine products.

About us
Big Horror Athens
is an award winning
creative studio.

Big Horror was founded in 2014 and is based in Athens. In our short history we have worked with all sorts of clients, big and small, local and international. We are proud for the accolades we got. Our work has been awarded and recognized many times by various prominent organizations and competitions. So yes, we make good stuff!

What thrills us most is the never-ending challenge of producing amazing quality-driven experiences with unique people for unique clients.

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