Tsipouradiko (greek: Τσιπουράδικο) is an eatery where the main drink served is “tsipouro”. It is connected with many “stereotypical” images of the Greek culture: the sun and the sea, the small traditional tables and the dishes filled with delicacies, the guests chit-chatting, flirting with each other and clinking their glasses yelling “ya mas!” While the day or night progresses, more and more tsipouro is poured into the tiny shot-glasses…

Souma is a tsipouradiko, a place where all of the above images transform into reality. We didn’t want to pick one or two of these images; we wanted to design a logotype that, by combining traditional and modern graphic elements, integrates all of them and communicates the philosophy of Souma and the ideology of tsipouro.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Print
  • Illustration